Our Vineyards

Our future harvests lies today on the same land in Cipolletti where more than fifty years ago wine grapes were cultivated. We began cultivating in 2005, in the fields El Puente and La Morena, making the most of the unique conditions of these lands.

Our vineyards in production are two: we have grapes that give spirit to our Pinot Noir in La Morena and we plant Cabernet Franc and Malbec in El Puente. We also work with the latest technology. We have a new high density trellis system of 1 per 0.8, and we do a mechanized irrigation, with individual emitters of 2 l / h to keep our plants evergreen and vigorous.

We harvest manually in 7 kg trays to keep our grapes from being crushed, and preserve its qualities intact.

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