Flor del Prado started 70 years ago in the United Vintners Cooperative of Cipolletti. It was a traditional table wine that accompanied celebrations, family gatherings and barbecues in the form of demijohn, bottles and even boxes. "Flor del Prado, quite the wine. Yes, sir!" was its jingle, with a melody that even those that don't have a good memory still remember. After a few years, the winery facility was closed and fell into disused.

Decades later, Luciano Fernandez, grandson and son of landholders and vintners in Rio Negro, began to design a wine enterprise in his family terroir located in a privileged place: just meters from the confluence of the Limay River and Neuquén River. Five years later, the work paid off. Luciano made his first wine premiering the Pinot Noir vintage and decided to call it Flor del Prado in honor of his grandfather Felix Antonio Amoruso, a member of the United Vintners Cooperative of Cipolletti since it beginnings.

Thus, Flor del Prado was born between pears, apples, almonds, figs and prunes. It emerges from the confluence of two rivers, from its rich fertile soil. It tells the story of the passion for the land of the ancient winemakers and each of its strains have the secret of eternal good taste. That's the essence of our wines, our essence.

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